Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MYTHOLOGY lesson plans

Ki asked to study Mythology for the month of May. I wrote up a basic Lesson Ideas/Plan. I will need to add a few more things (esp for Week 2). You can see the plans here: MYTHOLOGY LESSON PLANS FOR KI it's long and has lots of links to info online.

May Term should be very good. Astronomy-Mythology-Drawing/Sketching-Creative Writing
C.W. will be 3 days a week. I need something for the other 2 days. Gavin's will be Sewing. I think Connor's will be Science. Not sure what Ki's will be- maybe just reading.

YEAH!! The boys will each get a Syllabus. Ki loves that (SO DO I!!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hit -N- Miss

That is how our school has been lately.

We finished our science on how toys work. Now we are learning about animals. Next is birds and I have that study all planned out.

1. Learn about birds body parts and feathers, Read First Book of Birds ebook (FBB) pg 6-16
2. Learn about birds body parts and feathers, Read FBB pg 16-25
3. Learn about migration, Start bird-watching journal, Do Nature Journal cover, Read FBB pg 52-60
4. Learn about mating/nesting, Read FBB pg 33-43
5. Learn about eggs/babies, Read FBB pg 43-51
6. Look at books with birds in Washington and choose bird to do lapbook on, Learn about bird watching, Read FBB pg 62-65, Bird Watch
7. Research favorite foods, flowers, etc. of chosen bird, Take notes, Read Bird Watching For Beginners (BWFB) ebook pg 8-19, Bird watch
8. Anatomy lapbook, Read BWFB pg 8-19, Bird watch
9. Migration lapbook, Read BWFB pg 19-22, Bird watch
10. Nest lapbook, Read BWFB pg 22-34, Bird watch
11. Babies lapbook, Read BWFB pg 34-37, Bird watch
12. Predators lapbook, Read BWFB pg 37-46, Bird watch
13. Poem and Song lapbook, Read BWFB pg. 46-52, Bird Watch
14. Observation lapbook, Transfer information from bird-watching journal, Bird watch
15. Finish bird lapbook

We have 2 more stories to read about Jacob. We read 3 of the stories about Joseph while we were camping and we will finish Joseph after Jacob. Tonight I am going to change the bulletin board. We are almost done with math for the year. Phonics and Language Arts we still have quite a bit because we started that really late. But that's ok, I don't mind working through summer. We are going to be doing Science during the summer also. A lengthy unit on plants/flowers/gardens.

We read Dinosaurs Before Dark which is book #1 of the Magic Tree House Series. Kyle really wanted to finish it today, so I read the rest to him. Amanda didn't want to do anymore reading so she will finish it later. Kyle was really into the story and that just tickled me! I will definitely encourage the reading!