Friday, October 28, 2011

How's YOUR School Year Going?

Hi everyone! Just popping through here to say hey and give a quick update about school so far this year.
~Overall, couldn't be happier. It's probably our best school year ever. Everyone is content, there is little complaint about starting school each day, there is not tons of busywork and everyone is enjoying learning.
~David~ He's enjoying his Blessed is the Man curriculum. He likes being able to make so many of his own choices, even on the days that he doesn't like any of the options. This month he's been doing some heavy reading, memorizing the entire first chapter of Genesis and starting his study of Spanish. He's enjoying that so much. He's got it downloaded to his MP3 and he keeps popping in and out of his room to tell me what new word he's learning and how to use it. GOOD STUFF! His practical arts hours and PE hours are already worth a semester of credit each, so he will have no problem fulfilling the requirements there. He's liking it a lot and I am super pleased.
~Patrick~ is going strong with his 2nd year of MFW. There's not much busy work, so he is glad about that. We're doing the teaching textbooks on the computer again and he's thrilled with the short lessons and no paperwork. We added in art and music this year. He's not sure how he feels about the music yet since we are studying Vivaldi right now, but he is excited about the art part. He's busy reading "Swiss Family Robinson" reading through Genesis and getting his time line going. He still enjoys our map above the dining room table so he can locate things while doing schooling or eating a meal. His new fave place on the map is the "Drake Passage" south of South America since Drake is the name he's chosen for himself since he wants a "D" name, like everyone else. : )
~Derek~ Is enjoying his first year with official curriculum. We're digging into his My Father's World 1st grade set. We've made pottery jars and will be finishing our 'scrolls' tomorrow. He is sounding out short vowel words and starting to recognize some words on his own. He likes Exploration Day, library trips and art. His book basket by his bed is full of 'topic' books or seasonal books and he falls asleep every night while looking at them. It's good. I add a fun game or activity as it applies or sometimes, just for fun. Like today, we found a alphabet game printed on paper leaves, so we played 'leaf gathering' for a while and identified the letters. He is participating in some of Pat's lessons since some of the topics overlap, and that makes him feel BIG.
I guess that's all for now. Just really enjoying this year and glad it's going so well this far. In a few weeks, we'll be taking our break from Thanksgiving until after the new year, but I'm not worried about losing momentum this year. The older 2 are capable of doing so much on their own, Derek's lessons only take about an hour a day and if we add in some reading and educational videos or links on the days that we don't do school, I think all will be well.
So, how is your school year going? Are you loving new curriculum, enjoying an old favorite, still looking for that special set, or making it up as you go along? Share your homeschooling adventures with us!