Friday, April 13, 2012

Have I Ever Mentioned That I LOVE Homeschooling?

Hey everyone! Just passing through on the run (as usual) and wanted to just say that I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING! We are in Co Springs for the weekend awaiting the gymnastics regionals for David. The glorious part? Homeschool can come along since we've been slacking a bit between the move and all the travelling for gym. David's math CD-Rom came along as well as some library books, puzzle books, and brain games. And, of course, one can always draw a picture and write/narrate a story about our adventures here. *sigh of contentment* Homeschooling rocks. That is all.
Kristy and the Man Crew


  1. HOMESCHOOL ROCKS!!! I love homeschool! Is awesome! GOD IS AWESOME!

  2. Oh I love Homeschooling! It's the best way to go for my family! It goes where we go, it can be done everyday or we can skip a day, and we can do it even on weekends(if we want to, and we do!)