Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel~ Christmas/Advent ideas

I recently found this cute little book called Truth in the Tinsel. It's an e-book for the younger set of kiddos that shares a verse and a craft for each day of Advent to bring the focus back to the birth of the Savior instead of on MORE MORE, treats, Santa. I purchased it and can not wait for the right time to start. I like that she offers either a list of supplies to make all the crafts so you can be sure to have them on hand, or a printable version of the craft for each day so even the busiest of families (or those with MANY small hands) can enjoy the book. Check it out over at   Enjoy!
     Blessings, ~K~

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  1. Maria and I did this last year and had a lot of fun! It is now our every year project. Even Eliza Jane liked it, and for a three year old,that's saying something!