Thursday, February 4, 2010

Notes From Rhonda

Where did January go? My how these months just fly by!
For February, Our shape is "Heart", Our number we are working on is "7", our color is "Pink", and we will be working and talking about eating healthy and exercise, so we'll be looking at healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy cooking, and healthy snacks. Our rhyme is "Queen Of Hearts" We will be doing lots of activies with hearts. Since it is "Dental Health Month", we will also be talking about dental health, I can't wait to tell about some ideas I have come up with to show Maria how to "Floss" her teeth!

Music music music! We took a class today on music and made "insturments" we made a drum, a shaker, and a jingle bell wristband. Then we sang and played our musical insturments. It was great fun! We also danced to music and when the music stoped we had to stop dancing.

Our art project today was "How many teeth do we have?" So we made a "mouth" and used marshmellows for the "Teeth" . We talked about how many teeth we have and read the story, "The Tooth Book" By Dr. Seuss.


  1. that's a fun age for teaching some basic sigh language.

    sounds like lotsof fun things planned. enjoy your month

  2. We taught Maria sign language when she was 6 months old and she still sings when she is asking us for something.
    Thank-you! I think we will have a great month if I stick to my new schedule! :O)

  3. Rhonda, sounds like you have been doing great things with Maria...she is one blessed little lady! Have a great Febraury :)