Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated School Schedule~MeYeR's

Most of you know that we have been doing a 4 day school week so far this year, and to be honest I've really enjoyed it except for an occasional twinge of guilt that possibly we should be doing more than we can squeeze into 4 days. Since Dan is now not only working his 40 hours in Tularosa, but also working Fridays and Saturdays...I've decided that we should be working those days as well. Here's a few reasons why.
  • The reason we were taking them off was to spend time with Dan...if he's not home, why NOT do school?
  • We started school in OCTOBER, since we were in IL for most of September, and we weren't going to get a summer break this year, so this will help up get a little less behind.
  • The boys are spending too much time in front of the TV when they aren't at school, and I'm tired of trying to pry them away from it, so more school equals less TV.
  • With trying to fit a full week's worth of school into 4 days...we are skipping some of the fun stuff and some parts of school are just becoming a drag, even for me, so this will allow us more time to do the extra things that they enjoy so much.
  • Both of the boys have an area where they are needing extra help and more time in the class room means more practice in problem areas.

So, here's the plan until Dan quits working weekends. ABeka each morning M-Th, Saturday afternoons but not Friday at all. MFW will still be T and TH afternoons with Jodi and James and we will do some of the extra projects on Friday which will become our Arts, Crafts and Library Day. I'm thinking about inviting a special friend who is the crafting queen to come and lead art classes on Friday morning...whee! Friday afternoons will be loads of reading those new library books, some life lessons and helping with the game night prep. I think that should do it! Thanks for letting me ramble and get a few things out of my head and onto 'paper' : )



  1. am I the only one that finds it truly hilarious that MFW is on T/Th?

    def sounds like you all needed ammending. good for al of you!

    TIMERS- they are INVALUABLE! they set the timer-the timer is the one that signals TV/Computer time is over. so it's not ME having to the harbinger of misery. if they can't find a timer- they can't play on the computer (TV). puts the bulk of the responsibility on them-
    I also have a rule of '1 hour physical activity' before computer. but to make is seem easier to concede it's less of a rule and more of just something on their school list.
    if they can't get outside, they can exercise, dance, whatnot, inside.

  2. PS
    i love when we have 'guest teachers'! it's an amazing resource not to be ignored!

  3. I think your plan is very well thought out. I need to make a plan to do school with Maria on a more regular bases, instead of when I feel like it. I'm going to take some of your tips and apply them to our schedule. Maria needs more ecercise and we need to shut off the TV more also!

  4. Completely off subject... how'd you get the flowers in your post?

  5. Kiter...hadn't thought about the My Fathers World (MFW) being on T and TH...that IS funny! Great rule about the timers and outside time. The boys DO go out each day, but it's been kind of a willy nilly, when they feel like it thing. I'm pretty excited about the guest teacher, too!
    Rhonda, thanks for the encouragement...I've been needing it the past week or so, our 'schedule' hasn't been going the way I want. The more I plan, the more interruptions seem to come up...just an attack of the devil I suppose to keep me from doing the best job I can of teaching and raising these boys to love the Lord. seems to be this template...I didn't do anything special, just used the bullet symbol from the top and this is how it turned out...pretty, right? This template is called script if you like it...but I added the monkeys from the cutest blog on the block's FREE, my favorite price. : )
    Thanks again Ladies~!

  6. They are pretty. :) Thanks for the info! :)

  7. Who wants to hear the ironic things that have happened since this post?? Dan has taken at least one weekend day off each weekend (which is GREAT!) since then, and the boys have been invited to spend the day or night away at least once a week since then...LOL! I almost never say no to an invite to socialize (my goodness, can't skip chances to disprove the socialization assumptions, can we???) and so my weekend special plans have been a bit re-arranged. However, we have had our first successful arts and craft class and the boys learned LOTS about the 'melting pot' of America, cultural diversity and why prejustice is wrong. So, I'll take it :) Thanks for being interested in our goings on.