Friday, May 28, 2010

New Button

Good evening friends! I haven't been able to post on this blog for a bit and I apologize.

I have given up on all of our A Beka curriculum except the math. It's the only ones I'm still using. And I barely use them for that. It's basically just a guideline of what to teach.

For phonics my girlfriend from high school gave me the Hooked on Phonics program to use. We all like this so much better. And because it includes the readers and reading comprehension stories, I can also use that instead of the A Beka Reading and Language Arts for 1st grade. I am going to do Language Arts on my own next year anyways.

I have been seeing that kids are getting out of school already for the summer. We are going to be working for most of the summer I think. We'll take a little break, maybe a month. We started late and have not worked all the way through the school year because of my migraines and such. We haven't done school this week except on Monday because of my headaches.

I finally got my PSP up and working so I made a button for our blog.

I have a couple of pictures to share also.  The first picture is the kids and Tom listening to Bible study:

The kids were doing art on their own by watching a DVD that Amanda picked out at the library called Rainy Day Activities and here's what they made for me.  Kyle made the first one, the top picture is a picture that my husband took at one of his job sites.  Kyle thought I would like that.  ;-)  Then the bottom picture is my niece Graclyn.  Amanda's is the 2nd one shown and both of her pictures are of Graclyn.

We are just about done with our obedience lessons.  There is one story left to read.  It's been left since about Tuesday, but because of my migraine we haven't done it.  I still need to write up their test also and help them with their verses.  We are also still doing our bird study.  The kids will be starting their bird lapbook next week.


  1. Love the pic of your kiddos. :) We'll be schooling through the summer too. We got a late start as well, but also because we homeschool and it's so easy to do a simple lesson in the morning (most boring part of the day). lol

    What are you using for your obedience lessons or did you put it together yourself? I'd LOVE to look in to that material!


  2. Hi there. I'm following you now. I'm way behind on Friday Follow. Just stopping by to say hi.

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  3. Hi! I'm one of the guest hosts from FMBT, now following you.

  4. Can I do stuff with this blog? design, etc... The Button is GREAT, but should be posted smaller and with a textarea of code to copy.

    THANKS for making the button!