Monday, May 3, 2010

Recent Happenings

So we've recently jump back into things. Thank goodness for day work schedules and our sense of "normal-ness" returning! Our weeks haven't been exceptionally consistent, but we're gettin' it done. :)

This week we're on Lesson 4 (Apple, Aa, 4) in My Father's World. So far, we've learned about Creation (first 10 days), then weeks one-three were the Sun, the Moon, and Leaf. Each "lesson" is a week and the alphabet letter and number correspond (Sun, Ss, 1, etc). Each Lesson has a Biblical Concept: Sun = Jesus is the Light of the World. Moon = I am the Light of the World. Leaf = I will live and grow in Jesus. So each time we hold up the alphabet/picture card, the kids can name the picture, say the letter & sound and it reminds them of the Biblical Concept. My only issue has been with our public library. It seems that the books they suggest are not available to me (and that's just my small issue with our p.l.) so we're looking in to investing in the books (used) through Amazon.

Bare with me as I haven't figured out the photo placement. So, somewhere in this post, pictures will show up to show what we've worked on....

The first set uploaded is of our seedlings. Since we're so cold most of the spring, we have to have an indoor garden, first. It's been fun to watch the sprouts come up. So far, we've planted Lettuces, Spinach, a variety of Peppers, Carrots, Peas, and Tomatoes. Sounds like an amazing salad to me! If we get time (and outdoor warmth) today, we'll be starting our herbs in the same way. :)

The second set uploaded is of "schooling". Home made sundials, Z's "Masterpiece", our Mobile, and our Ant Farm.

The kids have gotten a kick out of the Ant Farm. I think I ordered it too soon, though... oops. Oh well, we may just have to order more ants a few weeks before the lesson comes up.. They're really fascinating behind plastic. LOL They just work, work, work.

Zoë and Corbyn have really enjoyed school each day. Corbyn gets copied pages to do what Sissy does, but he's learning so much in his own, 3 year old way. :)

Just a question, do you think Corbyn will have an easier time reading since we're going over letter sounds now and while we're teaching Zoë, he's participating? I'm not at all concerned about Zoë reading, but I've heard that boys have a harder time learning. Also, I've been trying to show him the proper way hold a pencil (as much as I can being left handed and he's right...) and write his letters, is there an easier way to do this? I know he's just three and I'm not stressing about it. Z just picked this stuff up much easier and I don't want Corbyn to be frustrated that he "can't" do it right now.

There's always more to come.... :) ♥
Happy Homeschooling!


  1. I did 'all the right stuff' at the 'right time'- and 2 of mine still didn't read till 5th grade.

    as an unschooler- I'd say just let him be at the age of 3. Let him hold writing utensils they way he wants to- they way that feels comfortable. Some adults don't even hold a pencil the 'proper way'- they hold it the way that works for them.

    Looks like you h ave been having a lot of fun with school!

  2. April, looks like you are all having lots of fun! That's what school is about at this age. Don't stress too much about how he holds a pencil or how much he's absorbing. He's 3. He will probably pick it up faster when it's his turn for Kinder, but for now, it's just fun. I always hear that boys have a harder time, but my boys picked up reading just fine at 5 and 6. Phonics is a big help I think, just my opinion, of course. As for the righty/lefty thing...good luck, just keep working at it. After nannying for 2 lefties for 8 years, I'm pretty much ambidextrous : ) I had to learn how to do EVERYTING lefty, even sports, YIKES! It's actually quite a handy skill to have, especially since you are about to have your hands full again soon ; ) Thanks for sharing your school days with us!

  3. Thanks, Kim. :) That makes me feel a lot better! LOL I know that homeschooling means we can do things somewhat in our own time, but I still have a "keeping up with his age group" mentality. Ugh! It's become my conscious decision not to obsess about them being "smarter" than the average kid their age. lol

  4. Kristy, you posted fast! I didn't even see your comment until now! lol

    Like I replied to Kim, I try not to obsess. lol It sounds like it just depends on your kid, right? Kim's didn't read until later but yours were reading by 5 & 6. That's good to know, too.

    Thank you! :)

    There's such great feedback on this blog! I love it! :)

  5. April, I agree with both of them. I wouldn't worry. He will be just fine and pick it up when he's good and ready. I think that you are doing a fabulous job teaching them! Their projects look like so much fun and they look like they are having so much fun!! lol And I love the "master piece"!

  6. Dani ~ Thanks! I can't believe all of the fun things we are doing. We didn't do things like this in school when I was in K. They're having a blast!

    The "Master Piece" had NOTHING really to do with school, but I thought I'd toss it in. lol When she was done, she asked how to spell it, I had no idea she even knew what a master piece was...