Tuesday, January 11, 2011


These lessons we've been stuck on for weeks because daddy was on nights (off during the day then I was too tired to school at 4pm when daddy would go to work) and last week Z and I were sick. This week even though Daddy and CJ are sick, I'm DETERMINED to get through these. lol This was our main event, our big activity of the lessons - Kangaroo juice container pencil holders. Yup, it's as easy as it sounds. lol Hopefully, the link will be the correct one... Kangaroo ... because it's really cool that it came as a three-part cut out. That way the kids got to have somewhat of a visual. :-) So, cover the frozen juice container with brown paper, let the kids colour the kangaroo while the glue on the brown paper dries, then cut it out and glue it on. :-) EASY (that's why I love it!). lol
We learned that Kangaroos come in LOTS of different sizes and shapes, their babies are born hairless and about an inch long and the joey stays in the pouch for a long time.

Zoë is getting better at reading even if she does resist it. I folded a piece of lined paper longways and made a list of the words she's learned through the school year. The words filled 2 columns on the first side of the page and over half of both columns on the back side of the page. I was amazed. lol I really did not think we'd covered that many words. I'm very proud of her. When she puts in a little effort she does a fantastic job (don't we all??).

Corbyn's still just hanging out with us. Some days it seems like he's a little sponge and some days he just wants to go back to bed. lol He has his workbooks he prefers some days, but I can tell that he's picked up on quite a few letter sounds and because of the Elephant lesson, he can point to Sri Lanka on the world map. lol (Isn't that kind of a fun country to say.. Sri Lanka.. I'm amused too easily lol.. anyway...)

That's what's going on in the Rogers Canyon Christian Academy. ♥ I'm lovin' it -- even if we aren't consistent in book work. LOL


  1. Cute Kangaroo Holders!

    I'm with Corbyn- some days I'm all ready for school and some days I'd rather go back to bed.

    Congrats to Zoë

  2. I love the kanaroos! Maria would love to make one, I'll have to show her this when she gets home.
    LOL I'm happy I'm not the only one who finds words to be silly to say! My favorite word to say is "Chumbawamba"