Tuesday, January 11, 2011

News from Kaber's Clan

Hi, this is Kimberly from All About {my} Boys- reporting in the Homeschooled Hooligans' Blog!

A few things.
first, here is the code for our wonderful new button Danielle made:

Second: Just wanted to let you all know our J-Term is going along well! We are doing Forensic Sciences as a group and then Ki and & are learning about Theater/Acting and Connor and Gavin are doing Computer Programming. They all seem to REALLY enjoy it! Check out my blog for more posts about J-Term.

This week we processed a crime scene (complete with bullets, "blood", a "victim", fingerprints, and more), we took impressions for comparison, analyzed Mystery Powders, and more!

Gavin tried to register for a college class, but all the ones he wanted were full. He's on a waiting list.

Here is what we did with shoe prints and Crime-Cast!
1. I cleared out an area of dirt in the garden next to the Orange Tree.

2. I put on an older shoe and stepped in the dirt, leaving a print.
3. I called the CSI crew out to take a cast of the clue. Ki mixed the Cast Material.
4. Connor Poured it.

5. We waited 30 minutes and Ki lifted it out of the ground.

5.5 We went inside, learned a few Acronyms ( ICPO, ATF, CIA, LAPD, etc)- the boys each researched 2 of them online and wrote a few sentences. Ki researches NCIS (as he likes that TV show)
6. The cast dried inside the house over night and today C&K cleaned the dirt off of it.

7. Connor quickly found the match, though he looked at all the shoes, he was easily able to distinguish the non-matches.


  1. That is AWESOME, Kim! It looks like that was a lot of fun for them (and you). Hope that Gavin can get into some of his preferred classes soon.

  2. THat is so cool! I'm asking myself why didn't teachers do this back when I was in school, would have been so much more interesting to me.
    Great job! Enjoyed reading about this!