Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Fun, Messy Craft!

Maria and I love to do crafts, and the messier the better! This is a very fun craft for all children to do!

Here is what you need to make beautiful designed paper: A big plastic tub, water color paper, shaving cream(the cheatest you can find) Food coloring, a chop stick, to mix food colors, lots of paper towels, News paper to cover your work area....

Spray the shaving cream into the tub....

Drop food coloring on top of shaving cream....

Mix food coloring to make some cool designs......

Take the water color paper and lay on top of colored shaving cream....

Kind of pat paper lightly to pick up color...

Wipe off the shaving cream with paper towel...

Ta DA!

Our finished paper! You can use this paper for cards, book marks, whatever you can think of!

We hope you'll give this a try,and make beautiful paper with your children! Have fun, don't worry about the mess... it cleans up easily! Most important thing just have fun with your children!


  1. we did this for Valentine's Cards one year- using shades of reds and pinks (we used inkpad refiller)
    a very FUN projects!

  2. Hi Kim!
    Thanks for another good idea to use this project for! We'll use this for next years Valentine's day. I bet the cards were beautiful! I really like the different designs that come's like "Snow flakes" everyone is diferent!

  3. Cute!! Thanks for posting this ~ Z & CJ would love to try this. :-) Maria looks so proud.

  4. You have a lot of creative ideas on your blog and I LOVE it!

  5. That is great I have a pic on my blog of the kids painting and we use those same under the bed totes for it. We also use them for play doh and things love it.