Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New School Year Coming UP

Hey ladies, it seems that I stink at keeping up with ANY of my blog lately, so I want to change that. Anyone want to share how this year went, what you are keeping vs what you are changing and what you have planned for next year?? I'll post my list tomorrow when I can think straight. Either leave a reply to this post or make your own post about school. Please and thank you!


  1. We are changing gears this coming school year. David will be a high schooler (Lord, where DOES the time go?) Patrick will be starting 7th grade, and Derek is moving into 1st grade. David will be starting Blessed is the Man curriculum. It's a student led, unit study approach four year christian curriculum. VERY excited about it. Pat will be using My Father's World and instead of supplementing math and language with ABeka like we've used in the past, we are going with Teaching Textbooks for math and what MFW recommends for language (grammar study, literature guides from Progeny Press, and Writing Strands) Looking forward to that as well. For Derek, we are going ahead full steam with MFW. We've used ABeka in the past and enjoyed it for it's educational chops, but a shift in our teaching methodologies and being more aware of how each child learns (and that you have to teach the way they learn or you are wasting your time) are leading us to try the MFW with Derek. I'll soon be posting some ABeka things on eBay, and hoping to make enough money to afford the MFW for him :) We don't intend to start until about the 2nd week of Sept, so we've got a few weeks to lay about and enjoy the last of summer first. Also have family moving, jobs shifting, anniversaries to enjoy and such before really hitting the books. Looking forward to this new school year already. Been making lots of plans, chasing down links and freebies, and looking for educational and FUN field trips to round out the year's studies.
    How about you?

  2. We had a challenging year. We were using MFW,(grade 1) but Maria just wasn't liking it. So I've been hunting around for something else. I'm still searching after a month. I am going to do some of my own lessons for her using "centers" as she likes hands on work. We won't be starting our new school year until Sept 6th. I'm praying that Ken and I will order a curriculum this week. We are looking at 3 of them, that in the top 4 list, in our opinion. I'm also praying we have a excellent new school year. I'll keep you posted on what curriculum we go withand maybe post pics when it arrives!