Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Great J-Term Day

I am so tired from today's lessons. This is how school should be. It should wear us all out! It's such a feeling of accomplishment to be totally used up after the school day.

Today the boys got mixed up on morning chores. Connor did Ki’s chores and that threw off Ki. But we got it on track.

We started Home Room (Reading together at the start of the day) at 9:30 today. I read Proverbs 11 and G & C took turns reading Story of the World while I cleaned a bit in the kitchen. Then Gavin went off to do His J-Term Stuff while I did Sewing Class with C & K. This week’s Lesson Goals are making gathers, sewing pockets, hemming by hand, and maybe some more appliqué practice.

I showed my tailors-in-training the picture of the gathered, half apron on the front of the pattern envelope. (that’s ‘ahn’-ve-lope’ for those that wondered). I showed them the 2 fabrics I am using and the appliqué I put on the pocket. Then we went to the fabric store and they picked their fabrics. At home they put their fabric in the washing machine to pre-wash while they drew design ideas for their apron and for their Class Project. They both are designing cloaks for their big class projection.

I went out back to hang laundry and plant some green onion seed in the planters I prepared last night.
Ki finished his designs first. I had him practice some culinary skills while Connor finished his. Ki tried different knives on a cucumber. He practiced Slicing & Dicing. Half of the cucumber was sliced and half was a diced and julienned. I had ulterior motives for Slice & Dice Class. I wanted cucumber sandwiches for lunch. I bought one of those small Party Loaves of Pumpernickel. The ones that are about 2 inch square slices. They were yummy sandwiches.

Lunch Time Chat was Amtgard Symbols and Doctor Who. Is he a Zombie..Undead? or not - because he starts the regeneration process when he knows he’s dying(before he is dead so he never really fully dies) . I started my apron so I would have one finished pocked attached to show them then they would watch as I did the 2nd pocket. After that they did their pockets & appliqué. I am glad I have 2 machines, even if only 1 can do appliqué.

The boys had a very productive sewing day! It was a long sewing day! We finished our sewing day at 2:30 today.
We just did one Life of Fred lesson today.
Tomorrow..Culinary Arts & Sewing!! I’m tired just thinking about it!

I decided that I will have different wake up times on different days. 8AM on M/W/F and 7AM on T/Th. That should work. In fact, I’m fine if we all sleep-in on Fridays. But Tues/Thursdays need me up early.

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