Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Notes From Rhonda

Today, We are working on the Letter "S". So we made snowmen, and we talked about different sizes, shapes,and features in snowmen. We had a snowball fight with marshmallows, Maria thought this was great fun. We also threw "snowballs" into a coffee can, and counted how many we could get in the can.

For computer work, Maria uses "Reader Rabbit" Preschool. She worked on patterns today and how to figure out how to get to the top of the mountain, by using different angles to get to the top. We read the "Snowy Day" We will be working a a "Lap book" this week on this book.

For the sensory table, this week, I used the packing peanuts.

For dramatic play, I set up a "office". I love listening to Maria's conversations with her stuff bears, and dolls, in the office, while they are "at work!"


  1. Rhonda, LOVE the sensory table idea! Can I ship Derek up to you for preschool?? Maria sounds like she's got it made with such a fun mama! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Teaching those ages is so fun! I miss all the fun we had with school when mine were younger.

    Sounds like you had a super S day!

  3. Send him up here Kristy! Maria would LOVE to have a playmate!

    Aw thank-you for the nice comment! I somethimes think, I'm not doing enough for her in preschool. And then again sometimes I overwhelm her with too much!

    It was a super "S" day! LOL :O)