Friday, January 8, 2010


Good Evening Ladies!

Today was a pretty easy day. We started with our Bible study. When I started it, I realized that what I had chosen to read was just way too much for them, so I moved on to the next Bible lesson. It was the beginning of Noah's Ark. So we will be moving on to this study now. The border on my bulletin board is already Noah's Ark and we will put some of their work up for this theme. I also have a large Bible character of Noah that I will hang up.

We did 2 lessons in phonics to make up for missing it yesterday.

For Story of the World Amanda started a booklet of the History of her Family today. For each one of us, Greg, myself, Kyle and Nichole she has a few questions to ask us about our history. For her A Beka history we covered transportation today and it was an extremely short lesson.

She aced her math and phonics test today. And I messed up and gave her the next units phonics test and she still passed! So we'll move onto the unit after that, lol.

For our cooking class we went over the cooking terms as stated in the lesson. I didn't go to the store today (getting low on weekly funds) so we skipped the cookie making. Maybe tomorrow we can make brownies to make up for it.

Right now for arts/crafts they are making stained-glass window ornaments. I will try to remember to take pictures to post. I will also take a picture of yesterday's fruit salad.

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