Friday, January 8, 2010

J-Term Day 3 (Kimberly)

Oh My! Riding a bike for 50 minutes and then going to Fit Class all in the same day has made a very tired teacher. The teacher slept in as did her students. They had nothing planned out of the house. (no where to be at 10AM or 3PM)- so it was a good day for sleeping in.

Connor was already reading his Robotics info for the day and Gavin was going over his physics practice questions when the teacher arrived. Ki was still in bed, but awake. She called them to breakfast and had a cup of tea.

She talked to Gavin about his physics test and gave him some info to go along with his practice problems, Connor was working on the robotics his Computer Teacher left for him to do, and Ki was ready for Culinary Arts.

Morning Culinary Arts:

Ki read his syllabus for the day then learned a few sign language words to go with his course. Then he got his index cards out along with the 5 colored pencils he uses systematically to take notes. His first task was to read about foods from the Bible. This is the site he used: He was shown how to use to look up verses and change between translations. He liked looking up the verses that went with each food he recorded. He liked seeing how foods were sometimes called different things in different translations. (Matt 23:23 was given for anise, cumin, dill and mint- no 1 translation had all 4, they would only have 3. Some would have anise, cumin, and dill and some would have anise, cumin, and mint.)He also found a verse that our pastor talked about a few weeks ago. He was excited about that. (the pastor never really said/quoted the verse but talked about what was said in it and Ki recognized it).

Then he wrote an email to his youth pastor about having a dinner sign up at church. He is going to make a gourmet dinner at the end of the month and needs to invite 4-6 people. Yesterday he thought about different people (friends kids, adults, from different groups etc) and he decided he wanted to invite people from his youth group and have a sign up.

His teacher noticed he spelled culinary wrong even though he was copying it from the syllabus. She had him practice it and he decided he wanted to try in cursive so he practiced writing in cursive a bit.

*** I love homeschooling. I love taking what my child LOVES , cooking, and using that as a means to learn other things. Bible Verses, History, Foreign Languages, Cursive/writing, math, etc ***

Ki took a break and watered the yard to help his dad’s new grass seeds grow. He took a little walk and checked on his Sunflowers. His teacher planted a few things and arranged her mini-greenhouse to a better location. He also checked out what his brothers were looking up in their robotics class.

After his break he moved on to the next tasks on his syllabus. He found a tool online he thought was neat, drew a picture and wrote a bit about it. He choose the Citrus Zester. HIs teacher found a video of a chef showing how to use one, so he watched that and got some ideas for his gourmet meal. Then he found a garnish he wants to practice. He wants to make Bell Pepper Grogs. They can be found at this link (scroll down until you find them).

He is eating his mistakes right now; another benefit of having cooking as a hobby!

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