Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet the Terrills "Hi from California!"

Hi, all. Kristy asked me to join her Home School Blog and since I like to blog about our fun homeschooling adventures I joined her! I figure I'll juster post my home school blogs to here and my own home school blog.

My name is Kimberly. We homeschooled for 7 years in Ohio and we are on our second year homeschooling in California. My boys are Ki (13) Connor (15 in 3 weeks) and Gavin (16). Ki has never been to public school. Connor went for Kindergarten and Gavin did kindergarten and 1st grade there. We plan to homeschool totally through high school. We are a bit on the Unschool Side of homeschool spectrum. The boys get to choose their classes and how they want to learn things (just not IF they want to learn) They read when they were ready (some as early as 4 some as late as 5th grade) and same with math (G was ready and asking for algebra type math in Kindergarten. Ki is 13 and still is taking his leisurely stroll through beginning multiplication and some fraction facts. We don't go by grade level or do testing (well thee older 2 have some end of chapter tests for the science they choose) no spelling lists, no curriculum other than what we want to learn right now (not dependant upon what they have learned or 'what is next' according to the books).

In January we do J-Term. a month of just 2 classes- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. they get to choose. Ki asked for sewing and Culinary Arts. Connor also wanted Sewing and he is doing Robotics/Computer Programming along with Gavin. Gavin's 2nd class is Physics. (yes, HIS idea and it is what he asked to do last year for J-Term, too)

So join us in reading about our J-Term Adventures!
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