Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here's a little more...

Today for our Bible study we read the story of Cain and Abel. I have started reading out of a Bible that I had when I was a kid called My Picture Story Bible. This is a great Bible for young kids. We have just started it though. During the first 7 lessons we are also reviewing the days of creation and there is a coloring page for Amanda to color. Kyle does not enjoy coloring right now, so I only make him a copy if he wants one. After Amanda is done with a 7 days, I am going to have her make a booklet with it to turn in. After we read our story, there 4 questions at the end and I split them up between Kyle and Amanda.

Amanda uses A Beka for history this year. Today we covered communication. I also have The Story of the World series that we started using this week. When I read her the first lesson, she didn't really pay attention and couldn't answer the review questions. So today we re-read that lesson and did todays lesson. It starts with the introduction lesson, but I think once it gets going and she has things to color, she will enjoy it more. I have also gotten books from the library to do further studies. We will do each chapter for as long as she'd like to learn it.

For Language Arts right now we are reading about zoo animals. Today we started large cats. We read about Lions, Tigers and other large cats in the children's encyclopedia. For this subject right now I plan what we read and learn about. I like to plan themes that go with another subject. In A Beka math right now she has a zoo theme. After my other A Beka materials arrive for reading, I will not plan Lang. Arts for a while. They should be here any day.

We also covered some AWANA lessons. She was on a part that had to do some research with Mom so we got that done along with practicing 2 verses.

For math we are using A Beka. She is currently doing her seatwork as I type. After she is done we will do 2 lessons, we are trying to catch up.

Phonics has been done with the materials from the school that she was enrolled in last year. I was able to keep all of the phonics materials. Her new phonics materials from A Beka will arrive any day also.

We covered lesson 2 of our cooking class today. Yesterday the kids loved learning about the measuring cups and spoons. Today we reviewed safety and covered the lesson. They made the fruit salad and took turns doing steps. After it was chilled they tried it and guess what...neither one of them like it. Doesn't that figure.

Kyle has spent a lot of time today making himself a tent with his blanket. He's utilizing the kitchen drawers and any other heavy or high object that he can drag in there to hold his blanket up or down. I figure this is very creative and imaginative.

After we are done with her math lessons, we will do phonics. That is the last thing that we need to do today. Right now it is all pretty much review until our new books show up.

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  1. we like Story of the World. but we have never done the review questions. Sometimes they like to draw pictures to go with what we read. the first book they would draw a picure and label the time and we put them all together for a big time line,

    Tent Making Skills are very important, esp for Wilderness Survival! I'm glad Kyle is mastering them.