Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Notes From Rhonda

Today we worked on "Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme.

Our Community Helper is "Doctor" So today Maria was "Dr. Maria"! She made a doctors bag on the bag she glued cotton balls, a tongue depressor, and a Q-tip. She then got her own box of band-aids and "fixed" all her dolls and teddy bears. She gave them all a check-up, As we talked about what happens at the Doctors office when we goes see her/him, She claims that they are all healthy!

Next, we worked on Shapes. I took some blue paper and drew a shape on it then I covered it with clear contact paper. then Maria took Cotton balls and lined up them up in the shape. Our Shape today was "Triangle".

Our Story for today was "The Sassy Seniors" we did this story on the felt board. Tomorrow we are going to the nursing home to give cookies to the residents there and Maria is going to sing some songs for them. This is part of our bible work. "Being good and kind to others"

For math we worked on counting to "20" and Maria counted all the canned goods in my kitchen pantry. We were short 3 cans so we went to the pantry in the basement and found 3 cans to bring upstairs. So we worked on 17+3 =20.

We also read again "The Snowy Day" and then Maria practised putting on all he winter gear, snow pants, boots, mittens, scarf, coat, and hat. She then got to go outside to play in the big snow bank that her daddy made for her. When she came in, there was Hot chocolate waiting for her, so she counted the marshmallows to put in her cup, her daddy's cup and my cup. Of course it was to 20!

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