Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My curriculum ~Kristy

In case anyone was wondering what we use for school books, I thought I'd list my favorites so that you could check them out.
David, Patrick and James (my nephew who schools with us) all use the same 2 curriculum programs.
  1. far as I'm concerned THE BEST arithmetic and language arts programs out there. All Bible based, even math is taught from the position that God created order and by extension, math.
  2. My Father's World....for everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) else. Science, history, music, art, Bible and geography. Again, all Bible based, and the Bible is woven into every subject. The wonderful part about MFW is that it's designed with the purpose of multi age teaching. It's a 5 year cycle...year 1 is a year of geography and getting acquainted with the world and the people in it. The next 4 years are years of historical succession. Quite reasonably priced, especially if you have multiple children and will go the 5 year cycle more than once.

When D and P were in the younger grades, Pre-K through 5th we used all ABeka, all the time. (except for those 2 public school years, of course) Nothing else was used. As we've changed our style of teaching over the years, and got to know our kids better and their learning styles and personalities have emerged and changed...we've made some curriculum changes as well. Like adding MFW. Like using unit studies, lap booking, 'life lessons' day, further our knowledge, not just in textbooks, but in real life. Which leads to my next point and link.

For Derek, I'm using Bible based alphabet lap books that I got off of my fave site called currclick. It's a great site for homeschooling materials. They have things for every type of homeschooler...unit studies, lap booking, note booking, Charlotte Mason method, copywork, character studies, preschool all the way through highschool levels, and they've even started hosting live classes online. If you join their e-mail newsletter, you get a FREE resource every week. Not all will apply to your schooling needs of course, but FREE is always the best price, right? And they have TONS that can be downloaded for a very small price. They even have a wishlist section so you can direct others to the site if they want to give a gift to the school. They can be found at

Hope you've enjoyed this little bit of information about our school curriculum choices. Check out the sites and see what you think



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