Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Middle of the Week Report

Monday wasn't a good day around here and school was skipped for that day.

For our Bible study this week we are studying Noah's Ark. We read a story from another book besides the Bible. Amanda colored her coloring sheets.

Kyle and I read The Frog Prince. He said he didn't like that story. I didn't really think that he would but I wanted to read it anyways. Kyle memorized Mark 16:15, so we moved on to Bear Hug 24. Even though he doesn't want to attend AWANA at church, we are still working through his Cubbies workbook. I bought it, he likes the stories and he is still having to memorize verses. Kyle has a problem enunciating all of his sounds when he talks so today was an important letter for him to go over. It's really strange, some letters he will say in the middle or ending of words but not the beginning. Today he learned the letter "t". He is learning cursive through A Beka also, so he learns the sounds and learns how to write it. We also did the math lesson for the day.

Amanda and I read about tigers and giraffes to finish the zoo animal study for language arts. We started chapter 1 in The Story of the World book 1 about Nomads. So far I am really enjoying this book. And I love some of the workbook stuff that goes along with it. She saw her first spelling list and wrote each word down twice. She likes to do the speed drills in her math lessons and she actually enjoys taking the tests. Today was not a test day, but tomorrow is. Every day has a speed drill.

For our cooking class we sat down with the Paula Deen's My First Cookbook that we got at the library and sat down to do lesson 4. Well Amanda didn't want to choose the dinner she wants to choose the dessert. Kyle wants to choose dessert. So I told Amanda we can do this again but switch roles. For now, pick a dinner. She said to let Kyle decide his dessert first. So Kyle and I looked through the desserts and Amanda sat and listened. She wanted him to do the frozen yogurt pops, but he wants to do the fruit kebabs. She started to cry and got mad. I decided to try again another day. After a little bit Amanda came and told me that she wanted to learn how to make spaghetti, it wasn't in that recipe book. I told her that was fine. Whew! Disaster averted...

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