Friday, January 8, 2010


January 8, 2010

Hello, All! I'm April. This may turn out more like rambling or my life story than a great introduction, but I'm going to give it a shot. :)

I'm the wife of Coby - most amazing husband. We've been married since Dec '02, so we just celebrated 7 years. Yay! :) He's an Instructor at the local auto mechanics trade school. I'm a mother of 2 - Zoe 5, Corbyn 3 - and one on the way - we're due in July. Zoe is my super-active, independent, try anything once, head-strong, fashionista. Corbyn is my sweet, Coby look-a-like, cuddle-bug, follower. He loves everyone and just wants to get along. :) They're both amazing blessings! God is so good.

We are in Wyoming and yes we love it. I can't imagine raising our kids anywhere else in the world. It's beautiful (until you're snowed in...) and very sparsly populated. The kids (and parents) are forced to be creative. ;) It totally works out.

We're super new at home schooling, so I can't speak from any experience yet and I can't tell you what "style" I prefer. Infact, even though we've been dabbling in various things before with preschool, this is the first year we'll have a curriculum. I can say though, that with my lack of creativity and "need" for a list of things that have to be accomplished, I'll definitely stick with a lesson plan. :) lol

We really like A Beka because it's what I used when I was homeschooled and I'm comfortable with it, but we've chosen to start out with My Father's World. I read a blurb about MFW's reading program and it sounded great! So once reading is conquered, we plan to switch to A Beka.

I'm so excited to home school this year! I'm also so excited to peek in on this blog and see what's going on with everyone. :)

Blessings to you all!

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